Sooty Shearwater

That’s right, Steve & I are bird rescuers!

Last night Steve was driving back to my place when he saw quite a large brown bird in the middle of the road, flapping around. He stopped and put it on the grass in this park by the side of the road. He drove on, but saw it had hopped back on to the road. So he turned around, and got back to the bird in time to see some jerks in a red car drive straight over the top of it!

He pulls over and another guy has stopped too, and has the bird under his jacket. He takes it over to a quieter spot and puts it there. Both guys leave.

Steve arrives at my house but I reckon we shouldn’t leave it there, it could be in shock, have broken wings, who knows what. So we ring the SPCA and find out that there’s actually an after-hours number, and some poor guy is on call that night. We go back down to the park, with my laundry basket and a towel to throw over it. When we get there though, there are already a couple of girls there with a large cardboard box, also looking for the bird. They also saw the near-miss, and ran home to get a box for it. Only problem is, the bird is nowhere to be found.

But I found it! Hiding in the bushes… we managed to catch the poor wee thing, shove it in the box, and then Steve & I took it to the SPCA in Newtown, where we met the poor guy who had been dragged out of bed for some bird…

Today though, Steve rang the SPCA to see if our wee chickie was okay. Turns out he is a Sooty Shearwater and he was sent to a bird sanctuary!


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