changes are a-foot

Just before I decided to write this I thought I’d check my horoscope. Ah hell, go on, ridicule me. Anyway, what I read was this:

If the doorknob doesn’t want to turn today, Jessica, don’t force it. You will only succeed in breaking the key in half. Perhaps you just need to try another door. If things don’t flow smoothly into place, then they probably weren’t meant to be. Life shouldn’t have to be a struggle. Our job is to be happy. Remember that the next time you find yourself in a long line, view the situation as a relaxing period of rest.

This is actually eerily accurate (isn’t that how we describe any accurate-sounding horoscope? as ‘eerie’?) as things haven’t been flowing as, er, fluidly as I’ve hoped lately. Everything – work, the flat, university, financially, has encountered little hiccups along the way this month. I feel like today I’ve finally put some steps in to try and, as my horoscope so succinctly put it, try another door.

So, today I wrote Sandy an email, telling her that I would have to pull out of her Masters’ writing class. For starters, I shouldn’t be spending that much money when I’m forking out over a thousand bucks (closer to two?) to finish my Honours degree this year (and when I went ahead – yes I did – and got that Nintendo DS. Oo but it’s good.). I also don’t have a short story on hand that I really feel good about submitting to the class as a masters-level sorta thing. I don’t really want to whip some shite up, just to submit it for the sake of it. I want it to be something good. It’s a shame, a real shame. She only offers the class every year to year-and-a-half, and I may have missed the boat. But that class, combined with reading and studying for my honours, would have left me with little spare time, and extra mounting debt, at a time when I’m meant to be trying to pay these things off. It also feels good to pare things down a little, to not be so all-over-the-place.

I’ve also got a second job interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I am officially on a short list with one other person, so I guess I have a 50-50 chance of getting the job. I don’t know what I will do if I don’t get it. Just keep on, I guess.

Also, some new people have moved into the flat upstairs, and they are fucking noisy. They’re also all about twelve years old, and seem to be outrageously, insanely happy about being in a flat, where I guess they can get drunk any time of the day they want! This depresses me and makes me insanely nervous and worried. Someone came home at 2:30am this morning, clomping around in the room above mine for half an hour. Steve said something to them today (floors are paper thin, can hear everything upstairs), but they didn’t apologize or seem too concerned. I really don’t feel like looking for another place to live right now. I hope these people don’t stress me out. I feel stressed out thinking about them, and usually not much really gets to me. Maybe I’m just getting old.

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