cable TV, maybe.

Steve and I are thinking signing up for Telstra’s “threefold” package: phone, cable TV and broadband. The price isn’t too bad, not when we split it between the two of us. In some ways though, I’m a bit scared as I’ve never paid for anything like Sky or cable before. Yes, I know, most people do it, and only receiving one channel (Channel One) is a bit lame, especially when the reception is still pretty bad. If we had cable we could watch sports without feeling like we had to go to the pub. And we could watch all the other crap that everyone talks about at work (and I have no idea what the hell they are on about). And maybe I could splash out and get the Rialto channel. It’s actually affordable, now that I will be living with someone else – and good reception would be a bizarre experience.

Simon’s away sick again today, so I’ve cancelled all the meetings we had lined up. Nice one. Things have been so quiet this week I’ve really been doing little but messing around with the blog, surfing, and doing soduku. Erk.

Oh, and yesterday my wool arrived from Jimmy Bean’s. Unfortunately they’d only sent ten balls instead of the eleven I’d ordered. Hm. I’ve emailed them to ask if they can send the other ball, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m afraid to start on my sweater until I’ve got all the wool I need.

Pain. In. Arse.

what I’m reading:

Pitchfork’s looking at the relationship between the persona and the person.

The latest release of interviews at the Paris Review (now up to the 1970s).


OMG, what’s going on with this guy.

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