Happy Birthday, Discombobulated!

Today finds us celebrating my diary-x fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, diary-x is not functioning at present. Gee. I was planning to celebrate my “birthday” with a bit of fanfare and promises of sending out mix tapes or something similar to anyone who felt like getting in on the feelgoodness of it all. Unfortunately I suspect I won’t be hearing from any of those people I’ve been in touch with via my diary over the years. In any case, if you’re keen, flick me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

It’s actually turning out to be quite a quiet day here at work, for some reason, so I guess I’m at leisure to detail a bit of what I’ve been up to. The weekend was busy; Steve did the Karapoti (as I mentioned earlier), coming in at around 3 hours 45 mins. The official times aren’t up yet so I’m just going by my watch. It was a quite interesting day though. I managed to get in a bit of reading for class (American Gothic), and even did a bit of knitting in the car. We both flaked out pretty early in the evening (disturbingly I think I was more tired than Steve was).

Sunday kicked off with a bottle of French champagne, as we gathered our stamina for the day ahead. Yes, champagne, and leftover meatballs and tomato sauce (home made, of course) on toast. Hmm… better than it might sound. We then kicked into overdrive (read: we left the house) to gather the rest of the supplies for the BBQ we were having that afternoon. It was a bit of a farewell sort of do, with Steve’s Raumati mates all coming round to say goodbye. It was lovely, and quite touching – a beautiful evening, with everyone sitting in the hot sun, eating lemongrass prawns and fish curry, drinking wine and beer and watching the sun set out over Kapiti Island.

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