Abu Ghraib photos

I should preface this by saying that I’m a regular subscriber to Salon, and I’ll often include links or references to them. Unfortunately, if you’re not a “Premium” subscriber, you have to watch an ad before you are given a 24 hour “pass” which gives you access to all the content on-site. I think it’s a pretty good trade-off if you’re a casual viewer, but I can see how some people would find it annoying.

Anyway, I’m sure they are up elsewhere, but Salon has announced they’re publishing the photos.

What the hell can you say about them? The New Standard News says “The government’s stated justification for not disclosing the additional visual evidence is that doing so might fan the flames of anti-US sentiment in the Middle East. US corporate media organizations have largely followed suit, choosing not to release or even describe evidence they have obtained.”

The New Standard News also says the Washington Post’s Philip Kennicott has denounced the Australian network for putting “yet more scenes of blood and savagery into circulation, circumventing both the US government’s efforts to keep Abu Ghraib images out of the public eye and the gatekeeping of news organizations.”

I’m sorry – what? – denounced? Yes, let’s all keep the images out of the public. Let’s support the clandestine torture and humiliation of what appear to be already-broken men.

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