End o’ the day

End of the day. All I’m capable at this point is surfing the web and looking at highly amusing links:

Seizure Robots

Monkeys that Talk

del.icio.us (keep your links all in one handy place)

Lunch break was nice today. Went down with Steve to pick up his Karapoti pack from the bike shop on Courtenay Place. We decided to walk back along the waterfront to check out the yachts from the Volvo Ocean Race. Saw the “Pirates of the Carribean” boat, though as far as I could see, there were no pirates on board. Apparently Johnny Depp is wandering around Wellington somewhere though. Maybe he’s dressed like a pirate.

Oh, and on the way back to work we saw a whole lot of people standing around on the wharf looking at something. Turned out to be a small pod of dolphins, just cruising around. They were swimming quite slowly – I hope they were just resting or something.

Is it home time yet?

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