Nearly the end of the month

Loads of things have been going on lately, however, I shall endeavour to list a few:
Aart’s come to stay with me, and he’s been here for a few months already. He’s thinking of heading over to Australia to look for some part time work for a while and then he might come back.
I got an A in my Italian class at university.
Woo hoo!
Ben’s back to start work on King Kong and just got a flat a few doors up the road.
Tomorrow’s payday.
I’m up for a payrise at work.
I’m still doing my Old Icelandic paper at uni. People still think it’s weird.
We’ve just been studying Grettir’s Saga.
I’ve been thinking of starting to sell second hand books online.
I’m trying to get a little more serious about money.
I hope it works. I have credit card debt.

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