rain, DVDs and “the Hump”

Well! This afternoon sure has perked up, with the arrival of both the rain (have I mentioned the flooding that’s been going on in the entire North Island lately?) – again – and two DVDs I ordered online, Cinema Paradiso and Nine Queens. The DVDs I ordered from a company that’s just down the road, and which took about five days to reach me here at work. Go figure. What an annoying expression that is! I have a feeling if I look back through the past (nearly) three years, I’ll probably find it liberally peppered through most of my entries. G.F. Anyway, I guess that’s just the way it goes, especially when you’re sitting in front of a computer all day long. I’ve been buying too many t-shirts from the Belle and Sebastian website as well. In the past few months, that’s the only way I’ve been doing my shopping – online. Not a bad fit for those t-shirts, not bad at all! I do look like a walking billboard for B&S, however I suppose there are worse things in life.

The rain is a bit of a drag, though, even though I did remember to bring my raincoat just in case. I wanted to walk down to the supermarket first, before heading home, but I suspect that all the rain will probably drive me home. Pity, I was in the mood to do some serious cooking tonight. Perhaps I can talk myself into it.

All in all, the day’s not been too bad. I discovered a few new interesting websites that have made up the majority of my day:

Mighty Girl This photo

what else…
Manekineko cats. (Actually I really wanted the ‘lucky pussy’ shirt but alas, the link doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe it’s too popular.)

And just general mucking around. Some work thrown in there too. I had lunch (miso soup, an apple) while reading Murakami and then went and met Daphne and Anne down at the CD store cafe for coffee and a nice chocolate brownie at around 3.

Oh yes, how could I forget? The Martha Stewart Webpage. I won’t put in the link, it’s just too embarrassing. But the reason why I was there is because there are actually some bloody good recipes there. Oh hell, I’ll put in a link. (That one’s for 6 different types of marinade). No doubt what inspired the urge to cook.

Jeremy’s was lovely last night. We ate nachos and Greek salad, and drank champagne. Perfect for a Wednesday night. Perfect “getting over the hump” activity. I wish Wednesdays didn’t constitute “the Hump”, but unfortunately, being a 9-5, Monday to Friday sort of girl, there’s not a lot of negotiation in the matter.

What else is new? Not getting much exercise these days, apart from the half hour walk to work each way. But it doesn’t feel like it counts. It feels too much like transportation to nicely release yourself like a good long run will do.

Anyway, guess what? Tomorrow’s my 3 year anniversary of keeping this diary. I feel as if something momentous is in order, I’m just not sure what.

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