“Dance Dance Dance”

Just bought this Haruki Murakami book. I figured it’s been long enough since I read one of his – time to get one. I had a good lunch break with James, who’s started his new job this week. We got in on the two-for-one deal at the Bull and Bear – so now I’m full, sitting here with the taste of hamburger and raw onions in my mouth. Yeugh is right!

Yesterday after work I went round to the old flat to help clean up before the landlord’s inspection. It was starting to get dark, though, and the power had been turned off. We did our best, but I’m starting to wonder if that was good enough. Just off the phone with Justine and she was just saying goodbye to the landlord. I asked her how it all went, and she said “not too good”, which doesn’t sound good at all now, does it? Hoo hah, I hope it’s nothing too serious.

.. just off the phone with them now – apparently the landlord’s being a jerk about little things like how the curtain isn’t hanging on all the hooks on the rod – how ridiculous! And there are things there in the flat, that we thought were part of the flat, which aren’t supposed to be in there.

Seriously, that flat is just becoming more and more annoying – the legacy lives on!

Must not worry about it though. I have better things to think about. Tonight, after work, I’m going to finally clean up everything, have a read, and sort out my cv and a cover letter for this job I’m going to apply for. Still, I hate things like this. They make me stressed. I’ve no real reason to worry – it’s mostly other people stressing that make me feel stressed. Grr.

Three new cds:

Radio Bemba Sound System – Manu Chao. Brilliant. Live album from their 2000 tour. I actually gave Aart the DVD for Christmas, and it’s fantastic. The energy of this band is something else. I listen to it at work and get carried away, to Spain, to Mexico, to Paris…anywhere but my desk. I’m really happy that these guys are as great live as they sound in the recording studio. Damn it, they sound better!

Living on the Edge – Stéphane Pompougnac. Least listened to so far, though there are a couple tracks here that have blown me away – in particular, “Living on the Edge”, “Loulou de Poméranie” and “Fast and Loud”. Lovely stuff.

Reveries – Paolo Conte. I didn’t know what to make of this one – it was a bit of an impulse buy. But the review of it at the record shop had me sold. Plus, who can say no to a raspy Italian voice? Not me. Paolo’s songs on this album are a perfect mix of what you would think of as being “reveries” – the rest are amazing ditties that you can dance to in your kitchen. My favorite is “Blue Tango”, with its eerie female voice that bursts in half way though. I can still hear it as I sit here at my desk.

If you can only pick two, get Paolo Conte and Manu Chao. They’re both totally original, totally together, and completely infectious.

And with that, I leave you!

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