more Friday shite

This wasn’t really an attempt to make this month’s entries a little more…voluminous. Actually, yeah, it was. Sorry I’ve been such a bad correspondant lately. There have been all sorts of things going on. That’s when, really, I should have been writing most!

So – I’ve updated the look of my site. I hope you like it. Did you know Joe Strummer died on my birthday? December 22. A fucking shame.

That said, I think I’m becoming more accepting of death these days. I don’t know if you read about my grandpa or not, but since he died (really the first person I’ve been really close to who died) I’ve thought about death quite a bit. It doesn’t feel depressing or morbid to think about (as morbid as the sentence above seems) – just a normal thing. All we can do is to aspire to achieve as much as they did – whoever they are.

I know I’m talking shite. Don’t know how I got on to this topic. I was meaning to tell you all about how great Roti Chanai is (as mentioned in my previous entry), and tell you about the DVD I got of the first series of “The Book Group”:

Roti Chanai is damn good.

I got the DVD yesterday. I don’t know what made me buy it, as I hadn’t even seen a single episode of the series. I had always managed to miss it, somehow, but it got good reviews in the paper, and the ads for it on tv always looked good. So Justine and I sat down to watch the first episode at around 8:00, and finished the whole DVD by 11. It was brilliant! I don’t normally go in for those 20- or 30-something dramas, where people bounce from bed to bed, etc. and talk about how difficult their lives are in their yuppie lives. Bleugh. This, however, was something a little different, with characters that really evolved from the first episode. I found myself constantly changing my opinion of all of them. It was really interesting.

I’m moving into my wee place tomorrow. I guess from then on, you can expect quite a few more updates, as I imagine I’ll have a lot more time to myself. It’s really going to be something different, different from anything I’ve done before. I’m really used to having flatmates these days, having someone you can say goodnight to before going to bed. Who will I talk to? Will I talk to myself? Or just not speak? Not speaking for hours and hours creates a strange feeling – like when you get up early on a Sunday morning and go go a matinee by yourself, and then come out and get a coffee, and then do some shopping, and you find it’s the end of the day and you haven’t said a word to anyone. Then you want to speak, just for the sake of hearing your own voice, just to exercise those throat muscles – and then you don’t know what to say.

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