Being busy – and The Premiere!

Well, things have been pretty disjointed lately. Plus it’s really hard to believe that it’s December already. How did that happen? The first few weeks in December have a funny vibe to them. You’re looking forward to Christmas (and my birthday!) and everything just seems like a great big build up towards holidays and spending time with family, etc. It’s like you’re heading down a long slope, starting in January, and once you hit December you really feel as if you’re picking up speed. The end of December and the start of January are going to be really busy.

If you haven’t gathered already, I’ve got a visitor from Holland, plus christmas, my birthday, my mom’s birthday (plus grandma, countles cousins/aunts, etc.). Then there’s my sister’s wedding in early Jan, and my grandfather’s funeral a few weeks ago.

No wonder I couldn’t finish my NaNoWriMo. Did I mention that earlier? For all my going on about it, I couldn’t finish the damn thing this year either. I think events are conspiring against me – both this year and last year – to make sure I never finish one. Last year I was leaving Ireland, and had to pack, send stuff off, AND do my RELSA course. This year, well, you’ve already heard all about that. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

I’m also starting to get a bit panicky about the course I applied for. I’m due to hear if I get in “before christmas”. If I do get in, well, that’s that. If I don’t get in, though, I do need some kind of a plan. I guess the christmas/new year’s period is as good as any for making a plan for the new year.

Will I continue to live in Wellington? The course is really what I came here for. Will I go overseas again? Move somewhere else in New Zealand? Study something else at university? Do some kind of other study? Those are a lot of unanswered questions.

When I think about it, what I’d like is a part time job somewhere and a place of my own. Unfortunately, the two things don’t usually go hand-in-hand. At least not in large, interesting cities. Living in a large, interesting city usually requires full time work, just to support living there – unfortunately. I just feel that a part time job would provide the best balance for me between work and mental stimuation! Then again, I hate not having money. Such a dilemma!


Just back from town where I bought the latest Pavement mag (Viggo on cover) and also got the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”, which I have been meaning to get for a while now. Lovely! I went to the Asian Kitchen and had a Roti Chenai for lunch. Ate while reading Margaret Atwood’s “The Blind Assassin”, while “The Breeze”, the crappy Wellington easy listening radio station, played in the background. Now I’m stuffed. Also payed my cellphone bill and sent off letters/postcards at the postoffice. Put money into my credit card account. Now I’m broke again. That was my fun for the next two weeks!

Did I even mention the Lord of the Rings Premiere? It was really weird. Strange to be joining in a crowd of strangers to salute and cheer on a whole lot of other strangers. I’m excited about the movie, how even though it’s a major film by world standards, it still has a home-grown quality about it. But it was weird to see 100,000 people screaming and trying to get a glimpse and an autograph of people who were once just wandering around the city like everyone else. Put out a red carpet and some barriers and people will come running! It’s completely bizarre…

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