To do:

Elisa’s nest tote.

Cute transfers – not just for kids.

Join Gifty.

Play with color blender.

Make an art display track like this one.

Make an art supply shelf like this one.

These… once I learn how to crochet. (part one) (part two)

Try shirring a top/dress.

Remember this for inspiration.

Make my own Tomten jacket (with beaverslide tweed just like brooklyntweed…).

Make one of these cute bags.

Do something with these gorgeous fabrics!

Add some bobbles to my spun yarn.

Paint a tree mural in my living room!

Paint a tree on my dresser drawers.

OMG, I want to make these pants.

Make a freezer paper stencil on a shirt.

Make tetris ice cube trays.

Make a bear? (Harry scarf optional, I think.)

This everlasting bagstopper!

Try out some crochet embellishments on knitting projects.

Try some fabric stamping!

Make a papercraft skull!

Make some sweet linen water.

Make a blurb book

Play with some vegan yarn

make this hat!

After seeing this and this… I want to make a quilt!

Make star wars book covers!

Make stencils from some of these templates.

Make my own cable pattern using visiknit.

Mess around with handles.

Make orangettes!

Make a letter satchel.

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